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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bookkeeping Business Plan - Additional Service For Your Bookkeeping Business

After you have successfully secured enough number of clients to sustain your business, it is natural to look at your original bookkeeping business plan on how you can expand it or rather improve your income as a self employed bookkeeper.

The following additional services are recommended for your bookkeeping business:

Secretarial or office typing work

Many small business owners especially those who are just starting out has limited financial resources and hence are unable to employ a full time secretary to take care of office paper work such as typing letters, preparing quotations, compilation of reports and etc. You may offer this kind of services to your existing clients. Although you may not earn much from doing these services, it does help to build a long term relationship with your clients.

Tax returns

If you are familiar with income taxes, you may help your clients to submit tax returns on your clients' behalf. This is an important revenue source for some of the local accountants as doing tax computation require certain technical know-how. Providing this service will improve your bottom line significantly.

Business proposal

Preparing business proposal is like preparing your bookkeeping business plan! However, you may need to allocate significant amount of time to do this kind of service. If you are not good at organize your time, this may affect your core business.

It is important to review your bookkeeping business plan frequently in order to meet your objectives and target. In the meantime, the review itself can help you to identify the additional services that you can offer to your clients.


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