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Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Create a Plan For Your Small Business, MLM, Or Home Based Business

Why create a plan?...

This is not a common question most people in the small business know of the value of business plan. But in the home-based business industry it is forgotten.

Business plans are created to set up daily actions that lead to success. "Ever got side tracked and got nothing out of your day..."

A plan creates habits and that leads to momentum which can be truly powerful...

How should this road map look? You want 4 goals 2-5 yr goals, 1yr goals, 6mo's, and goals for 3 months from now. Write all of them down. I'm not talking about income goals, but actual action goals....

-example: "a week from now ill have 20 articles and 20 days worth of my emails installed in my marketing funnel..."

Money shall come if your taking proven action steps that are planned out...

So what I am going to give away in this article is my formula to creating and sticking to my daily plan:

1. Conscious Habits- You want to get up every morning and create a routine, which will create habit and become permanent. Example: "wake up and write down 10 titles of the articles you'll be writing." And this will be done every day as soon as you wake up

2. REPLACE YOUR FEAR WITH ACTION: We all have things in our business that make us a little uncomfortable. So now make that the highlight of your day. Plan to do it first or second. And really get pumped for it .

3. Once a day write where you are in your business plan and what needs to be done to stay on track. Now each day you'll know what needs to be done and what you are falling behind in.

Your business can grow to as big as you want it to. But your mindset has to change and you operational systems must become more professional.


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