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Monday, June 29, 2009

Texas Blueberry Festival and Others - Economic Recovery Plans

In the heart of the 2009 recession, places like Nacogdoches, Texas hope their Texas Blueberry Festival will bring much needed money to their downtown and overall city budget. It's not a scam or a ploy, but a festival like the Texas Blueberry Festival may be the one thing every city needs to start to help prevent losses during this and future recessions.

Hotel rooms, restaurant bills, store sales, local merchant sales, festival concessions taxes and licenses, marketing dollars, promotion budgets and even giveaways will draw in thousands and thousands of dollars to small towns where money is desperately needed. A draw like a well run blueberry festival can attract folks from hours away to partake in the frivolity.

Some cities have even moved smaller farm-centered festival to their downtown square investing city money to make sure people spend. During a recession, while many people lose their jobs others see little to no change in income, but stop spending on account of future fears. It is this growing nest egg that cities plan to exploit with in-town festivals.

While carnivals aren't quite the draw as large County Fairs or theme-based festivals like the Nacogdoches Texas Blueberry Festival, they still seem to bring in plenty of customers at their vacant corner homes in towns across the U.S. The problem with the traveling carnival is that they traditionally draw locals; whereas, small towns need the dollars from people outside municipal borders.

If you're looking for ways to bring new dollars to the city coffers - or even your own small budget, consider organizing an event around your niche. There are always people interested in something -but seldom do people get to celebrate their favorite niche. It's a good thing events like the Texas Blueberry Festival exist - or where else would all those blueberry fanatics go every summer?


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