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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Warehouse Space is the Right Choice For Your Business in This Economy

The word cutbacks is a common one used these days for small and large companies and businesses that are not only trying to succeed in this troubled economy but also trying to thrive. Traditional commercial real estate has been affected as have many businesses in this county due to so many companies making cutbacks and not being able to afford the rental fees for a traditional office space. No matter what type of company it is, they typically need a good size space and this space has typically come at a premium price. Major cities like New York or Los Angeles feel this problem even more as the cost of real estate in those towns is exorbitant. A great solution that many do not think of is the wide availability of warehouse space such as the Los Angeles contract warehouse that could be used for your company and even do additional things like third-party logistics in shipping otherwise known as Los Angeles 3PL. This article will touch on the reasons why considering a warehouse space for your business is a cost effective and smart one.

Many people do not realize the various things that warehouse space can offer. Most think that the spaces are unfinished with dirt floors and not heated or cooled. Most warehouse spaces today, however are totally climate controlled and nicely finished off. The cost of this great and spacious buildings are almost half the cost of a traditional office space. Because of this many businesses that are struggling should consider moving their business into this type of space. A lot of warehouses are also located near highways and railways so that if you have to store products from your business to be shipped it is often more convenient than if it was located in a high rise in the middle of a metropolitan city.

There are many other types of groups now starting to see warehouse space for things other than storing large items to be shipped to clients and customers. Many non-profits are seeing the great value in using a warehouse for their needs. One example is of a church-based non-profit group that supplies food for hungry children all over the world, particularly in Africa. They store all of the food products in the space and then set up assembly lines that volunteers come in to assemble the food packages to be shipped off. The overhead cost stays low so they can provide more food for the hungry in the long run. 

Other non-profit groups that are seeing the validity of using warehouse space are new schools. One example of this is a charter school in the suburbs of Denver decided on using a warehouse for their new school. With some construction of interior walls they got the amount of space that they needed for a better price than they would have if they had to build a new school. Because charter school have to raise most of the funds themselves this was a necessary element to having a successful school.


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