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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning For the Worst - How to Ensure Your Remodeling Business Survives in Case of Disaster

Every business should have a continuity plan to work out how to stay in business in the event of a disaster and your remodeling or construction business is no exception.

Many factors can disrupt a business, from natural disasters such as a tornado or earthquake to local incidents such as a building fire to personal circumstances such as illness of the owner or a family emergency.

Continuation of sales and production is imperative to allow the business to continue to bring in money to pay bills and employees. Otherwise, business could come to a screeching halt.

By planning ahead, you and your workers will know how to deal with these situations. Business can continue, maybe in an abbreviated form, but it can continue.

Here are some steps to take now to begin creating your own business continuity plan:

- Involve other employees in the planning process to ensure a thorough, workable plan. Make sure everyone in your organization knows the plan.
- Develop an up-dated list of contact information for customers, vendors, subcontractors, and employees that you keep with you at all times.
- Check to be certain you will have access to any warehouse or office space if you are not the primary occupant and especially if you sub-lease.
- If you plan to work from home, test your systems now to be sure your remote access connections work.
- If you have employees and you plan to allow them to work from home, test their remote access systems, too. Also check their internet access to make sure it is adequate.
- Make note of all user names and passwords required for programs and web access. Make sure that employees who could be working from home have done the same.
- Determine which functions are critical for your business and which can be put on the back burner in case your staff is reduced. /li>
- Cross train your employees so that all critical jobs can be covered.
- Test or activate on-line banking.
- Make arrangements for additional labor if yours is unavailable

Build your continuity plan so that it works for your business. You may be able to work out an arrangement with a fellow remodeling contractor to temporarily trade labor in the event someone is out for an extended period. Or you may be able to share a sales person. Off-site computer back-ups can save your most important computer data in case your office is damaged or destroyed.

Plan ahead so that natural disasters, illness, injuries and family emergencies cause the least disruption to your business.


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