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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stop Blaming the Economy and Start Goals For Your Business

It is fact that we are in recession right now. Nevertheless, that does not give you the opportunity to blame all of your sales woes on the economy.

The market may be partly to blame as not many people are spending the way they used to spend before. However, not all blame should be put on the economic slowdown we are facing right now. You are where you are right now because you put yourself in that situation. Your business is nobody else's business but yours so you should learn to accept all your mistakes and go from there.

Indeed, the inconsistencies do not only appear when the economy is in a slump. Hence, it should not matter whether the economy is bad or good. What matters is that your organization is able to adjust to the sudden shift and changes that occur every time. When you are able to adapt, your business can survive whatever condition there is at the present.

So how do you adjust your strategy when you are faced with a sudden downturn for the worse? You have to ensure that your sales team has a better chance of succeeding in any situation.

Accept change.

Your team should be able to accept change as change is part of not only the business world but of life as well. However, often, change can be hard on people. Nevertheless, it is a way of life that your sales team should be able to adapt to. Your team needs to see it as an opportunity to try out something new; as opposed to having difficulties imposed on them. When your brochure printing for example needs to be updated to adapt to the current conditions, your team should not look at it as additional work. Instead, brochures with new designs and ideas should be able excite them to learn and make new knowledge flow.

Accept risks.

Business is a risk. Engaging in a business usually means that you have to risk breakfast, lunch and dinner. You cannot rest on your laurels even if your brochure printing for example is the best marketing campaign ever. You always have to stand out. As they say, you may be on top at the moment, but you might just be in a slump the next day. You never know what will happen. Nevertheless, if you keep on providing your target clients with a stand out strategy, you will most likely to stay on top far longer than anybody else in your industry.

Accept new knowledge.

Information and knowledge are constantly changing so you should always update yourself and encourage a passion for learning in your staff as well. Learning means regular self-improvement. Even if you have talent if you do not hone it, it will definitely stagnate and die a slow death. Provide opportunities for your sales team to become more talented. When you give them a chance to be always the best, you are giving your business a chance to be more than that of your competition.

The buck stops here. Stop blaming everybody but yourself. Stop ranting and complaining. Moreover, start doing what you should have done to make your own economics stable even when there is a sudden downturn in the overall economy.


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