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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's the Purpose?

If you are sitting around during our current economic crisis, wondering what you are going to do next, keep one thing in mind. The key to your success now and in the future is to understand clearly what your purpose is.

This is not some profound thought about the ether world, but rather common sense strategy of figuring out what you are doing and why. This question is critical for a new venture, a current role in a current job, or a current role in what ever you are doing.

If you are going to succeed, you need to clearly understand what the purpose of your effort is, be it a job, be it a new business, or whatever.

Let's focus on a new business venture. Lots of people are thinking that their next move is going to be in an entrepreneurial startup. Startup's can be fun, but risky. One of the many keys to succeeding is clearly defining the purpose of the business. What are you trying to accomplish and for who. The concept of purpose is critical in creating your business plan, your business model, your marketing plan, and your sales plan. It is the most critical thinking to any new venture. The purpose is going to be a critical component of your "elevator pitch" when you are looking for capital.

If you work for a company, I am sure you know more or less what their purpose is, even if it is not clearly stated and clearly talked about. As an employee and as an employee who is focused and driven with a purpose you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You know what your company is trying to accomplish and you should challenge yourself and your team to find your purpose. When you execute daily with your purpose in your mind, you will have drive and passion. Your purpose will help brand you in the work place as well as beyond the work place.

Regardless, of what we are doing, volunteering or whatever, we need to spend a little time and focus on the purpose. The purpose is what is going to put the passion into whatever we are doing and define who and what we are. We should all be advocates of finding the purpose in whatever we do. I know we have all sat around in meetings where we are thinking, what the heck are we trying to accomplish? This is the question that will drive you and your team to discover the purpose.

Once you have nailed your purpose, you communicate it to anyone and everyone. This goes not only for a venture, but again in your role if you are an employee. Successful companies, successful people, are purpose driven.

Take time to focus on your purpose, it will drive you and your team. Purpose will ignite the passion in you troops, and will allow your team to all be on the same page knowing what you are all about.


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