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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Party Planning Success - Taking Care of Your Event Suppliers

There is No Business like the Party Business!

The Party Planning Business is all about relationships in all phases of the Planning process. Your clients, your team, the potential people attending the Event and your suppliers. It is all about building solid relationships up and down the line.

Unlike many businesses that have a core that they must keep happy, primarily their customers, although you can never negate the aspect of building solid relationships in any business, Party Planning is a fluid and dynamic industry depends on those relationships extensively.

Suppliers can make or break you as an Event Planner in that they can fowl up a time line for your Event if they haven't been stroked and coddled to assist you in achieving your Event Planning. So saying that you need to have some good rules in dealing with them is academic, but tips to assist in Planning are necessary.

Tip 1. First and foremost, Quality. No one wants substandard quality. That is like when then run ads for clean water. Do you think a lot of people are for dirty water? Doubtful. The point here is that you must not get caught in the trap of going with the cheapest, unless they happen to be the best. Always strive for excellence in a supplier.

Tip 2. Dynamic relationships save you time and money. This is again all about building solid and sincere relationships with your suppliers that they not only give you some extra courtesies in the preparation of an Event, but they know that the service they give will be valuable as you will recommend them for other venues and they, in turn, will recommend you as a premier Party Planner.

Tip 3. Always include them in your "After Event" Sessions for feedback. Vendors love to be asked about how it went from their end. You can bet that usually a vendor only hears when there are problems, so including them in a session to assess the overall Event and how they fit in is invaluable.

I have frequently had like a "Happy Hour" session at a local establishment after an Event that was casual and informal and invited representatives from the vendors to attend. I can't tell you how much goodwill I have fostered as a result. But this was a never a ploy of some kind as I am always interested in how my Party Planning Business can be better. Vendors have seen it all and they will, if you listen, tell you how to be their number one customer.

In the end, it is about being in the moment and allowing your team, including your vendors, to be creative and learning in every situation how you can be better at what you do.

Remember, Life is a Party, you just have to know how to Plan it!


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